The Stars Group’s partnership with UFC is not just limited to rebranding Spin & Go’s. New details reveal that the company plans on a much deeper and prolonged partnership that will cover other poker games and promotions—even possibly expand into fantasy sports.

Based on the presentation slides and video shown to investors last month, PokerStars showcased how it would leverage the UFC brand to promote various PokerStars games.

“This year will see some new great partnerships that will modernize the brand and continue to broaden its appeal. A major example of this is our new brand partnership with the UFC,” said Guy Templar, Chief Operating Officer for The Stars Group, addressing investors at the company’s first Investors Day held last month.

The ideas shown to investors may purely be conceptual; there was no commitment that they would all come to market. However, the operator made it clear that this UFC branding have deep ties into multiple products.